SA 8000 Reports

The SA 8000 Standard is an international social certification programme documenting certain aspects of business management relating to corporate social responsibility: respect for human rights, respect for workers' rights, protection against child labour, guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.

In the event of becoming aware of a potentially critical situation or in order to make reports, recommendations and/or complaints regarding the workplace and/or non-compliance with the SA8000 Standard, all workers and stakeholders are invited to send a formal report through one of the following channels:

  • to CAP Group via e-mail to stating in the subject header ‘SA8000 REPORT’;
  • to CAP Group via ordinary mail to CAP Holding SpA, Via Rimini 38, CAP 20142 – Milan stating on the envelope ‘For the attention of the SPT’
  • to the certification body RINA Service SpA via e-mail to
  • to the International Accreditation Body at: SAAS - 220 East 23rd Street, Suite 605, New York, New York 10010, USA; fax: +212-684-1515

As per point 9.2 of the SA8000 Standard, CAP Group has set up a Social Performance Team (SPT), a group of people made up of both management and worker representatives to work together to manage and develop a system of social responsibility.

The Social Performance Team receives the SA8000 reports received by the CAP Group, manages them confidentially and, at the end of the analysis and resolution process, provides feedback to the reporting person sent to the e-mail address from which the report arrived, but does not check or verify that the reporting person has actually received the feedback.

SA8000 reports can also be made anonymously using any address that cannot be traced back to a person/company.